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Since 1969, Your trusted partner for reliable and efficient roll-off dumpster services. Whether you're tackling a large construction project or simply clearing out your home, our wide range of dumpster sizes and dedicated service ensures your waste management needs are met with the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency. Experience hassle-free waste disposal with Azteca Roll-Off, where your satisfaction is our top priority. Let's make your project a success together! Get in touch today to receive an initial quote.

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Our Container Sizes and Pricing:
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- **40 Cubic Yards:** Ideal for extensive projects, measuring 6ft in height, 8ft in width, and 20ft in length. The maximum weight is 5 tons, priced at $750.00.-


**30 Cubic Yards:** Perfect for projects involving trash, roofing materials, and plaster, with dimensions of 6ft by 8ft by 16ft. The maximum weight is 4 tons, costing $675 in the Los Angeles area.-


**10 Cubic Yards (Low Boy):** Specifically designed for solid materials like dirt, rocks, and bricks, with a maximum weight of 10 tons, priced at $650.00 for clean material. For a mix of dirt and concrete, the price is $750.00. Pricing may vary based on the materials involved and the required disposal site.



We offer 14 containers for 40 cubic yards,


6 containers for 30 cubic yards,


12 containers for 10 cubic yards (low boys)


 ensuring we can accommodate any size project.

Medium to Heavy Materials:

When dealing with heavier materials like dirt, brick, rock, cement, asphalt, plaster, and tile, we recommend opting for our 10-yard roll-off dumpster. It's crucial to fill the dumpster only up to the sidewalls (2 feet) to avoid overloading and ensure safe transportation. Overfilled dumpsters pose a risk on the road, and we must ensure the load is safe to transport from your site.


**Large Projects:**

For substantial projects without a significant amount of heavy materials, our 20-yard and 40-yard roll-offs are available. These larger dumpsters are suited for vast amounts of waste and ensure that your larger project remains clean and well-managed. If your project requires the recycling of construction debris, please ensure only construction waste is placed in the container.

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